Gorilla Composite Panel™ Components, Certifications and Testing

A.) Gorilla Composite Panel™

  • Approved as hurricane and earthquake resistant buildings
  • High and low temperature tolerant
  • Fire resistant and water resistant
  • Lightweight (less than 12 kg per sqm)

Gorilla Composite Panel IllustrationB.) Skin Material: Industry Standard Plywood

  • Mold/fungus/bug free
  • Silica/asbestos free, non-toxic
  • Durable and stable

Note: Other skins can be used, as described here

C.) Material Honeycomb Core

  • Proprietary black resin impregnated, fiber reinforced, cellulose core
  • Mold/Fungi and water resistant
  • High stability and light weight

D.) Panel Adhesive

  • Non-toxic
  • Extremely strong
  • Water resistant laminating adhesive
  • Water resistant panel joining adhesive

Gorilla Composite Panels meet all USA ASTM E-72 standards used in the Housing Industry. A list of US and International Testing, Recognition, Certification and Acceptance are listed below.

NOTE: Testing and certifications listed below were performed on a number of honeycomb panel configurations over the past
70 years. All of the panels tested utilize the Gorilla Composites type of impregnated honeycomb core and adhesives as the building block for stress skin panels. Panel skins have changed according to consumer demand, regional style and readily available materials from that period of time. The tests below represent all of the testing performed over the past seven decades utilizing impregnated honeycomb core technology in a number of skin configurations.

Copies of these documents are on file and available upon request:

Department of Housing and Urban Development acceptance

Council of American Building Officials acceptance

Jamaica Housing, Geoffrey Haddad, Master of Engineering Canada

(Statement / Full report upon request)

Jamaica, K.S.A.C. Approved

(Statement / Full report upon request)

Forest Products Laboratories 31 year study, approved

Keller Engineering TX

Southwest Research Institute

Pennsylvania State University

BBB Engineering Services