Composite Panel Skin Selection

Because composite panel skins come in so many configurations it is hard to have one skin that fits all applications.

All of our testing has been done with either wafer board or plywood. These are the most common building materials in North America. It also applies to a number of countries globally as well.

It would be nearly impossible to profess to know or predict what each country or region would be best suited for which type of skin. However, using plywood as a baseline creates a starting point to evaluate other selections.

One thing to keep in mind, the Gorilla Composites “Black Core” will always have the same compression. Therefore, the skin selection will have an impact on the panel’s ultimate performance.

NOTE: This principal applies to any panel configuration, honeycomb or not.

Such as:

  1. Regionally sourced exterior grade plywood, wafer board or import
  2. Regionally sourced wafer board or import
  3. Magnesium Oxide board or import
  4. Concrete boards, may be local or import
  5. Aluminum
  6. Steel
  7. Composite

There may be other types of boards that might be accessible in each region.

There are a lot of considerations when it comes to picking a composite panel skin. Please feel free to discuss these options with your sales representative at